Sunday, July 26, 2009

..sigh..young love..

I have said it time and time again, I do believe engagement sessions are my absolute favorite type of photography. It is such a joy to witness young love. Their ability to have fun with each other no matter where or what they are doing.

This particular e-session was and is very special to me... I can honestly say I have know this young woman all her life! From the time she was born until now, every single wonderful day. You probably have guessed by now that is my daughter.

And the wonderful young man that has captured her heart. If you have been following my posts you may have seen images of them at Christmas. Todd is the only young man she has shared her family Christmas with , I guess she was saving that experience for "the one", because it's noisy with lots of cousins and not for the faint of heart. He was a real trooper and came through with flying colors.
I don't think she really wanted me to shoot their pics, but as time passed they became comfortable and just started playing around. And with most of my couple's I shoot, try to kiss when I am not ready...darn it. But I did manage to capture a few.

I am truly honored that I did get to shoot their engagements pics and witness how much fun they have together, I will leave you with this shot.
I think they are perfect for each other and it will definitely be a fun wedding November 7th!
Until later.....

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