Thursday, December 13, 2007

Don't you just wanna squeeze her?

I just love babies in footed jammies, as you can tell. You just want to pick them up and squeeze them, so sweet and full of love. I photographed mom's maternity pics just 4 days before this little one showed up, and her first shoot at 3 months, boy has she grown. This is "C" at 7 months and she is quite the show off! I don't know who spoils her the or grandma? But I do believe she is the twinkle of her grandpa's eye. Here is your sneak peek!!

Jammie Time

As the saying goes..."all babies are angels when they are sleeping" just look at "W" isn't he the sweetest thing you've ever seen? And as you can see, the best shots are just after a nap, Oh...btw the second shot is "W" watching Monday Night Football! Just goes to prove a theory, boys are born loving football!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Brrrrr It's cold out there

I met with L and C for the very first time at Hafer park last Saturday. We were hoping for pretty weather for the photo shoot, but this time of year is anyone's guess. It was dark and dreary as well as misting and very cold! But we were determined to get this shoot in for the holidays. I have to admit I was a little skeptical with the weather conditions, but C was a real trooper. We layered him up and went for it. C was so cold but never complained not even when he was shivering!! Believe me, we were all freezing. The park was not very busy and I think the few people that were there thought we were crazy...but as you can see the shots came out ...well see for yourself. Here is your sneak peek.