Sunday, October 28, 2007

C and B's perfect day

Saturday afternoon I had an engagement session. You would think that they would all be the same, right? Wrong...something magical happens. After about 15 minutes everyone relaxes and just starts having fun, myself included. (and yes I get nervous too!) What I loved most about C and B, was their ability to laugh and play. Then B said something..." I just want to make C happy" that just made my heart melt, awww. How sweet was that? So C and B here is your sneak peek, and Thank you for such a fun afternoon.
(Side note....B is being redeployed and they will have to postpone their wedding for a year, we did 1/2 of there shoot Saturday and will complete it when he returns, so there will be more to come later..stay safe B.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More of B,K and "Little Miss Independence"♦

Just a few more....

Beautiful young family

I had so much fun this past Sunday afternoon with a beautiful young family. I had the honor of witnessing "true love" in action, not only for each other, but also with their baby girl. Whom I have nicknamed ... "Little Miss Independence". This little one was 9 months going on 2 yrs. She was so fascinated with just about everything in the park and frankly didn't have time for the camera. Well I fooled her and was able to get some great shots. She didn't just want to try and walk....she wanted to run! Watch out mom and dad! Aren't they just about the cutest family you've ever seen? (So B and K here is your sneak peek.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

parkhurst pumpkin patch

Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch

To con't on from the previous post, my friend Marianne and I went to Arcadia, searching for photo opportunities. What we found was a little piece of heaven in the country. Signs posted "pumpkin patch" (and very nicely done, I might add) so we followed the signs and several miles later found a wonderful place, lots of room for kids to play, hay forts, pony rides, petting zoo (even a depewed skunk (if that is a word) a corn maze and hay ride. It was lots of fun to shoot and just watch kids as they ran everywhere...We met T and E who showed us around and even did a little modeling for us, it didn't matter that they were hot and sweaty and just a little dusty, they were so darned cute! So to Paula who so graciously allowed us a fun afternoon, Thank You!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Had a chance to revisit rt 66 Arcadia last sunday with a photog friend. Here are some images we got , we also got to visit a terrific pumpkin patch farm, will post more when all my model releases have been secured.

rt 66 Arcadia revisited