Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas is important in many ways.......As we celebrate the birth of our Lord (that is why I refuse to abbreviate it, it is and always will be CHRISTmas that is the reason for the season, right?) it is also a time to reconnect. Reconnect with family, friends and relatives. I guess relatives can be friends?(depends.. on what kind of family you come from!) Fortunately for me, I do have wonderful family, yes we fuss at each other, but hey...who doesn't?
We all get together several times a year to reconnect. Find out what's going on in each other lives. Birthdays, summer cook outs, pool time and any other reason we can find to reconnect.
I am doing something out of the ordinary for my blog this time.
I am giving you a glimpse into our family celebration. This is my husband's side of the family as my side has slowly passed away. (Yes, sad I know but like I said I am fortunate.) So have fun and take a peek at our day

This is my son, Brandon and his grandma. I captured a truly wonderful moment. If I could just get that beard off him....arg!
Side note.........he gives the most wonderful hugs, big strong bear hugs, one of my favorite things in the world. I love you bud.
Edit- he just came by and the beard is gone......woohoo!

After dinner and time for random discussions, everything from family, world finance........yada yada yada boring, think I will head to where the fun is, gameroom.
This is Tanna and Shane, my niece and nephew, so cute together and expecting their first. I know they will make great parents. Congratulations if I didn't tell you earlier.
Kassie, Tanna , Logan and Lauren

And of course the girls are always up for photo op. I must say I do believe they are some of the prettiest girls around, can I say that? Yes I can, it's my post and I have literary
They also don't mind piling on top of each other, and are always up for a challenge. (watch out guys they refuse to let you win at wii)
New and uncharted waters for my daughter. She brought "the boy"(my nickname for him, not his choice I am sure) home for the holiday. She has never introduced a guy she is dating to the whole family, and much less on Christmas day!
Turns out Todd is already friends with some of the family from college days, small world? But boy did she surprise everyone! She likes to do that type of thing ........
We are not a quiet group by any means, as the games get started the competition and the noise level gets stuck on "loud".
I think my mother in law laughed the most as she watched all the grandkids be "kids" again.
The boys get very competitive, BJ and Justin are wii boxing and I had to keep reminding them to step back from the tv. They were getting carried away as guys do.
And of course there is always the Christmas ham! BJ one of my fave's.
Thanks to DeNiece and Randy for allowing us all to reconnect and have a blast on Christmas day!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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