Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daddy's girl

Three posts in one evening! I know many of you are waiting for your sneak peeks and I apologize for taking so long...
I have been blessed with being busy with photo shoots but unfortunately that puts me behind in posting.
You would think by looking at little Miss "P" she could be a child model.......only one thing wrong with that is ........she does not like the camera, nope, nada...not gonna have it ! She had no interest in it at all, as a matter of fact as soon as she saw me, the tears started. So we played a little and as soon as I thought ok...it's safe to try a shot, she would turn the other way. Ok...I thought, this may be a little harder than I thought. Hmmm , she likes caterpillars and lets her Aunt Ashley take her pics, so I tried "lets go look for butterflies" so far so good. She and daddy headed down the road to look for butterflies and thought walking on the yellow line was "cool"..when I got in front of her to try and capture her, well she was smarter than I was and went the other way...lol. Anyway, here is your sneak peek and if you want to know more of the story ...ask dad. She is definitely "daddy's girl". Don't think I didn't enjoy my time ...I did, especially when she crawled up in my lap (after the camera was down) and said...."thank you for coming out to take my picture today"....I melted.

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