Saturday, September 20, 2008

September's Beautiful Bride

So you see.... I have these two friends, (who just happen to be very talented photographers), Sara of Sara's Photocreations and Marianne of Sky photography.
Sara was photographing a wedding last Saturday night with Marianne as her second shooter, I was bored so I asked if I could come along and play.
Weddings are very hectic and I very much enjoyed just shooting for fun and no stress involved. I just love to watch Sara work because if she was would never know it,
she is cool as a cucumber!
Oh and I must not forget about the bride and groom, they were just perfect for each other and the wedding party was a blast!
I had fun playing and hope to do it again soon.
Oh and by the way, alot of people think photographers are out there competing against one another when in fact usually they are great friends.


Marianne said...

Hey Pam, I'm glad you posted these! I know you want to be a wedding photog....come on...admit it. :-) Thanks again for helping out.

Sis said...

Wow, girl - it's been a while since I've visited over here, and you are rockin!