Sunday, October 28, 2007

C and B's perfect day

Saturday afternoon I had an engagement session. You would think that they would all be the same, right? Wrong...something magical happens. After about 15 minutes everyone relaxes and just starts having fun, myself included. (and yes I get nervous too!) What I loved most about C and B, was their ability to laugh and play. Then B said something..." I just want to make C happy" that just made my heart melt, awww. How sweet was that? So C and B here is your sneak peek, and Thank you for such a fun afternoon.
(Side note....B is being redeployed and they will have to postpone their wedding for a year, we did 1/2 of there shoot Saturday and will complete it when he returns, so there will be more to come later..stay safe B.)


David said...

Jumpin jellybeans is this website rated at G or NC-17???!!!

pamela bales photography said...

oh david you should see the pic right after we took that shot...they were cracking up and those were the shots that were really the best!! Get your mind out in the sunshine boy!